ApstrataCMS is an elegantly simple but very powerful CMS framework built to take advantage of the apstrata backend features and javascript SDK. The features are comparable to basic Wordpress capabilities but provide incredible flexibility and power to add or modify functionality.    

The code is composed of a minimal php template management system and a powerful javascript based administration tool. The code is simple, because ApstrataCMS takes full advantage of apstrtata's back-end powerful database, content & digital asset management and security features. 

ApstrataCMS needs an apstrata account to run and can be hosted on any server that supports php, no other server requirements are needed.  

Getting the code 

ApstrataCMS code is available as open source from GitHub at

ApstrataCMS relies on the ApstrataSDK (apstrata javascript SDK and UI widgets), you can download it from

ApstrataCMS and ApstrataSDK depend on the dojo 1.6 framework, you can download from here:


  1. Copy the ApstrataCMS code into your webserver's root directory.
  2. Copy the ApstrataSDK into /lib/ApstrataSDK subfolder
  3. Unpack the dojo zip file into /lib/dojo folder

Folder structure

Configuration files

CMS manage/config.php params