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  • id: The apsdb unique id of the request. This is the same request ID that will be present in the apsdb response metadata.

  • method: The http method name of the request.

  • headers: The http headers of the request. Headers are accessed case insensitively. Example: request.headers['user-agent'].

  • rawBody: The HTTP request body that carries the actual message data.
  • parameters: The parameters sent along with the request when calling RunScript API. They can be accessed as request.parameters['paramName'] or request.parameters.paramName.

  • files: Object containing files sent along with the request. The structure of this object is defined by the developer and might look something like key-value pair, where the key is the file name and the value is the file itself.

  • user: The “non-system” properties of the user running the script. They can be accessed as request.user['attributeName'] or request.user.attributeName.

 The non-system attributes of a user are: