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The following changes were appliedintroduced

New features:

  • A new and improved developer workbench basting an improved user interface and a more powerful script editor
  • Device provisioning: allows devices to be connected to Apstrata, to be authenticated and make API calls.

The following features are no longer backward compatible:

  • INVALID_FORM error code has been changed to INVALID_SCHEMA when updating the user schema with missing required fields.
  • INVALID_USER error code has been changed to INVALID_IDENTIFIER when an owner passes and invalid user login to the parameter apsdb.runAs.
  • The prefixes "apsdb_" and "apsdb." for schemas are now restricted for system schemas.
  • The following strings "authenticated-users", "authenticated", "nobody", "anonymous", "all" and "creator" are restricted and cannot be used as user's login.