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Apstrata allows a developer to send push notifications to iOS applications by abstracting the Apple Push Notification Service. Similarly, it allows a developer to send push notifications to Android applications by abstracting the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging for AndroidHTTP protocol. In other words, apstrata serves as a push notifications provider for iOS and Andriod applications.

Apstrata makes it really simple to enable push notifications for your applications through a REST API. Here are the steps that need to be taken for this purpose:

  1. Create a configuration for a "mobile application" using the "AddCertificate" API (upload the required certificate and password as both Apple and Google require that push notifications requests be authenticated).
  2. Create channels and subscribe device tokens to them (every device has a unique token or identifier) or push notifications to a run-time specified set of devices ("ad-hoc")
  3. Send notifications to a channel (push notifications will be sent to all devices subscribed in the channel) or to the ad-hoc set of tokens