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The Android Apstrata SDK is a utility that is provided to developers of Android-based applications. The Android Apstrata SDK wraps the Apstrata REST APIs making it very easy to call these latter from within Android-Java code.

All you need to do is to:

  • Drop the client library into you code,
  • Select the type of Connection you need to use. A "Connection" is actually a way of signing the calls from your app. to the Apstrata APIs. There are four types of connectionconnections:
    • "OwnerConnection", if you need to sign your calls using your Apstrata account owner's credentials, 
    • "UserConnection" if you need to sign you calls using the credentials of one of the users defined in your Apstrata account
    • "TokenConnection", if you prefer to use an Apstrata authentication token instead of signing the calls using some of the aforementioned credentials
    • "AnonymousConnection", if requests do not need to be signed.
  • Create an instance of the "Client" class passing it the URL of the Apstrata server, the authentication key of the Apstrata application account you are using and the Connection instance you will be using
  • Call one of the methods exposed by the Android client, specifying the authentication mode needed (more on authentication with Apstrata)..

Click here to download the Android Apstrata SDK source code. The source code ships with a test application. Note that you need to install the Android SDK.

Click here to download the Android Apstrata SDK jar file and required complementary libraries.