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The Developer Workbench is an online tool that developers can use to explore the Apstrata Rest API. It is a place where developers can interact with the backend Apstrata service by invoking any of its identity, persistence, messaging, orchestration, and configuration APIs. It is also a place where you can get Javascript, Android and iOS code examples for each API invocation using the respective client SDK.

Moreover, it is a tool that allows developers to easily manage their Apstrata accounts by defining and manipulating stores, schemas, server scripts, push notifications, groups, users, documents and queries. A developer will be able to create, read, update, and delete each of the previously mentioned Apstrata account entities.

You can access the developer workbench by browsing to and logging in with your apstrata account's authentication key and secret.

You also can read some tutorials on using the developer workbench in this wiki.

Configuring the Apstrata Service URL in the Developer Workbench

The apstrata service URL is simply the apstrata endpoint that you need to use when you login to the workbench. All other API requests made from within the developer workbench would use this endpoint.

In order to set the apstrata service URL, click on the "Preferences" link located at the bottom right corner of the login form. You need to do this configuration only once, since it will be saved for other times.

If you registered on Apstrata BAAS (back-end-as-a-service), then the apstrata service URL would be ""

If you registered on Apstrata for IoT, then the apstrata service URL would be ""




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