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The Simple Signature Type

In order to use the simple signature, requests should specify the authentication mode by setting the value of the parameter “apsws.authMode” to “simple”. Each request must also specify the action name and the timestamp (i.e., apsws.time). A URL example would be:

URL [authenticationkey]/CreateStore?apsws.time=1234567890&apsws.authMode=simple

First, construct the text to hash by doing:

Value to Hash
ValueToHash = [timestampValue][Authentication Key value][action name][secret]
secret = qwerty
apsws.authKey = asdfg
apsws.time = 1234567890
action = CreateStore
valueToHash= 1234567890asdfgCreateStoreqwerty

The values are appended without a separator.

The signature is then created by generating the Md5 hash of this text and using Hexadecimal characters:

apsws.authSig = Md5hashFunction(valueToHash)

Keep in mind that simple signature is secure only when used over a secure connection. It is highly recommended to use SSL connection when using a simple signature to avoid data interception and replay attacks. If you don’t want to use SSL connection, it is advisable to use the default signature.

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