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In apstrata, data and digital assets are grouped into Documents, where each Document corresponds to a collection of name-value pairs known as fields. Each field within a Document has a type and can be specified to be indexed for full text searching.

In addition to the data itself, a Document contains metadata information such as the creator, creation time, last modification time, etc.

Documents may have Schemas defining their structure, in a declarative way, in terms of field groups, field types, field validations and field groups ACLs. Apstrata does not enforce the use of Schemas when persisting Documents. However, in this case, no security or validation rules can be applied at the level of the fields.

Each Document is persisted in a Store with a key that uniquely identifies it within that Store.

All Documents saved in an apstrata Store are secured individually with ACLs (from wikipedia: Access Control Lists), allowing developers to specify the Users and/or Groups that can view, update or delete a Document, or more granularly individual fields within that Document.

A developer can create as many Documents as needed per Store. However, there is a limit on the number of fields a Document can have, as well as on the size of digital assets within that Document. This limit is based on the apstrata account type that a developer has.

A developer can choose to create multiple versions of a certain Document. Each Document version is identified by a number which is automatically assigned to it upon creation time. This number is equivalent to the last version number of the Document plus one. At any point in time, a developer can retrieve a particular version of a Document. However, only the latest version of a Document can be updated. Reverting back to an old version of a Document simply means creating a new version with the data retrieved from that old version.


Document XML schema definition

Partial Document XML Schema Example


Complete Document Schema Example

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