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Listing Data Types

The Apstrata database service allows users to specify types for their data or document fields. This provides the ability to sort and manipulate data. These field types are:


Field TypeDescriptionUseful for

The most commonly used type of field, its value is a set of utf-8 characters.

The number of characters for the fields of type String is limited to 1024 characters. However, if you wish to add more content, you can use the data type "text".

names, quotes, email, address, etc.
NumericA decimal number with negative and positive possible values.currency, order, age, etc.
DateA string representing a date/time in a certain format.birth date, employment date, etc.

Similar to the “string” type, but holds longer text. The number of characters allowed in a field of type text cannot exceed the maximum permitted value of 51200 characters.

Unlike other data types, fields of type text cannot be queried, i.e., cannot be specified in the query condition. Hence, to filter fields of type text, you can use the Full Text Search feature.

articles, html pages, document content, etc.
FileAn object representing a digital asset.images, PDF files, and other digital assets
GeospatialA geospatial field is stored as a pair of longitude and latitude coordinates identifying geographic location on earth.
For more details about the geospatial type, see page entitled Geospatial.
geographic location
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