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Apstrata Advantages

Apstrata provides a NoSQL database service with a "document" (or "object") basic entity paradigm. Our database service provides more natural abstractions for storing business objects than the classical relational model.

If one were to store this business object in a Relational database one would need to create multiple tables, using third normal form schema and add the triggers and stored procedures to implement the business process and security rules. As shown in the below figure, this is a non-trivial exercise:

In contrast, the Apstrata database uses a document metaphor to store the business object. All of the fields, rules and security are defined and stored together, as shown in the figure below:

The Apstrata database supports the complexity and richness of the business object natively and greatly simplifies the development, maintenance and enhancement of business application data.

Apstrata does not create an artificial limit between meta-data and digital assets, furthermore the store provides an automatic versioning of document changes. Our full text search service automatically indexes meta-data and digital asset contents (e.g., MS-Office or PDF files).


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