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The CreateChannel API allows the Account Owner to create a channel for sending push notifications to a particular mobile application. The CreateChannel operation may only be called over HTTPS.

 What is a Channel?

Apstrata allows a developer to send push notifications to iOS applications by abstracting the Apple Push Notification Service. Similarly, it allows a developer to send push notifications to Android applications by abstracting the Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP protocol. In other words, apstrata serves as a push notifications provider for iOS and Andriod applications.

Apstrata makes it really simple to enable push notifications for your applications through a REST API. Here are the steps that need to be taken for this purpose:

  1. Create a configuration for a "mobile application" using the "AddCertificate" API (upload the required certificate and password as both Apple and Google require that push notifications requests be authenticated).
  2. Create channels and subscribe device tokens to them (every device has a unique token or identifier) or push notifications to a run-time specified set of devices ("ad-hoc")
  3. Send notifications to a channel (push notifications will be sent to all devices subscribed in the channel) or to the ad-hoc set of tokens

Both Apple and Google require that push notifications requests to a certain application be authenticated. Please check AddCertificate API for more details on that.

Specific Request Parameters

(Refer to Common Request Parameters)





Possible Values

The name of the store in which the channel is created.




channelIdA unique identifier for the channel.Yes  


The platform for which the channel is created.




applicationIDAn identifier for the mobile application at hand. It is recommended to use you domain name in the application ID so as to make it as unique as possible.Yes  


A parameter containing the device tokens or identifiers to be subscribed in the created channel. To send more than one device token, you need to send this parameter more than once, each time with a specific device token.

There is a limit to the amount of device tokens that can be subscribed to a channel.




lifetimeThe duration (in seconds) after which the notification expires.No5 seconds 

Specific Response Elements

(Refer to Common Response Elements)

Specific Logical Errors

(Refer to Common Logical Error Codes)



Status Code


Store name is invalid.



The store was not found


PARAMETER_REQUIREDOne of the required parameters is missing400
INVALID_REQUESTThe request is made over HTTP and not HTTPS400
PERMISSION_DENIEDThe request is made by a regular user and not by the account owner403
DUPLICATE_DOCUMENT_KEYThe provided channelId already exists400
INVALID_PARAMETERThe value provided for the platform parameter is not valid or is not supported, or a the limit of tokens has been reached400



Sample Request

Request URL:[authenticationkey]/CreateChannel?apsws.time=[timestamp]&apsws.authSig=[signature] 

POST parameters: = MyStore
platform = iOS
channelId = MyTestChannel
deviceTokens = device1Token
deviceTokens = device2Token

Sample XML Response

Success XML:

<response xmlns="">

Failure XML:

<response xmlns="">

Sample JSON Response

{"response": {
    "metadata": {
        "requestId": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "status": "success"

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