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Apstrata is a Backend-as-a-Service.

Mobile and HTML5 developers can use Apstrata to create sophisticated applications without needing to deploy or manage back-end server infrastructure.

Developers using Apstrata concentrate on what makes their application more competitive such as user experience and business logic while we make sure that all our powerful back-end services are running reliably, cost-effectively and scaling as the application grows.

We handle all back-end functions that most applications need such as user identity management, messaging, push notifications, database, content & rich-media management, full text search, social network & third party APIs integration. We also provide a powerful & scalable cloud based java-script container to implement your server-side business logic.

In contrast, without using a service like apstrata, developers have to implement all back-end layers themselves by deploying application server infrastructure, databases, load balancers, web frameworks and developing a plethora of system scripts and custom code that they have to maintain.

Our web-services are usable directly from a web or mobile client application. We are platform and development tool agnostic. Developers moving to Apstrata can continue using their favorite development, deployment and source code control tools.

Apstrata APIs cover four main application concerns:

  • Identity Management: User & group management and authentication services (read more)
  • Persistence: Database and media management services (read more)
  • Orchestration: Server side scripting service (read more)
  • Messaging: Email and other messaging services (read more)

The advantages of apstrata are:

  • Instant provisioning of accounts: Create as many apstrata accounts as you need, every single feature is available in a secure environment instantaneously. This is great advantage for companies such as agencies who are looking to replicate an application to multiple customers. 

  • High-availability: The developer doesn't have to worry about making everything work, we do.

  • Simple REST web-services: Easy to learn REST compliant web-services that can be invoked from cross domain web, mobile, desktop and embedded applications. 

  • Security: Multi-layer granular security insures that you can control users access to resources by ACLs.

Apstrata APIs are accessible through a highly secure multi-layer approach:

  • Transport: Through 128bit HTTPS encryption

  • Request: Through a signing mechanism, only requests signed with appropriate credentials are allowed to reach the requested services.

  • Application: All APIs provide granular ACL level security to manage access to data and resources.


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