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Before you can get started on Apstrata, you need to have an Apstrata account. An account is identified by an authentication key and a secret. Once you have an account, you can invoke any of our APIs by signing them with your authentication code and secret.

When an account is created, it can be configured to be a provisioning account. That is, an account whose authentication key and secret can be used to sign any of the provisioning APIs mentioned later in this section. For each account, we keep track of the parent account or the account from which it was provisioned. The account provisioning APIs can only be called over HTTPS for security purposes.

For now, we assume that the account administrator email address is unique across accounts. This will change in later releases in order to allow the same customer to own and administer multiple accounts. 

The provisioning API allows any apstrata customer to offer account provisioning from his own website or rich-client application.

Account Limits

Apstrata database limits for the default accounts are listed in the following table. Account limits can be increased by making a request to apstrata support.

Stores per account1 store
Number of fields in a document200 fields per document
Max service execution time5 seconds
Max response size for Query1 MB
Max documents in query response50
Maximum predicates per query expression15
Maximum attachment size20 MB
Maximum operations to send per transaction10
Maximum field values50
Maximum length of a string field1 kB
Maximum length of a "text" field50 kB
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