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Apstrata is a Backend-as-a-Service.  

Mobile and HTML5 developers use Apstrata to create sophisticated applications without needing to deploy or manage a back-end server infrastructure.  Using Apstrata frees you to concentrate on the special sauce of your application, while we make sure that all needed back-end services are running reliably and scaling.

Our web services are usable directly by a web or mobile client platform to manage users & authenticate them, store, query and full text search data and rich media, integrate social networks & 3rd party APIs, implement complex server-side business logic and send and receive messages to and from users and applications.

We are platform agnostic.  Developers moving to apstrata can continue using their favorite development, deployment and source code control tools.

Our services cover the four core application requirements:

  • Identity Management: All applications need to manage users and groups, we provide very simple and powerful APIs to manage that without any hassle (read more)

  • Persistence: Our persistence API takes care of all your Database, Media & Content Management needs. Our full text-indexing provides (read more)

  • Messaging: To simplify implementing applications that need to send or receive email (read more)

  • Orchestration: All applications need server side business logic or integration with other services (read more)


  • Instant provisionning of accounts

  • High-availability

  • Simple RESTian protocol with XML and JSON return formats

Apstrata APIs are accessible through a highly secure multi-layer approach:

  • Transport: Through 128bit HTTPS encryption

  • Request: Through our request signing mechanism, only requests signed with the appropriate account credentials are allowed to reach the requested account services.

  • Application: All APIs provide granular ACL level security to manage access to data and resources


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